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2 Weeks Pregnant

Week 2 of the pregnancy is the time the woman’s uterine lining starts to thicken. Her body starts getting ready for the process of ovulation. If the ovaries release more than one egg, it may result in twin or triplets. Reports suggest that the probability of twins is about 1 in 89 cases. During this week, the uterus also starts preparing a tissue to house the embryo. This tissue is rich in blood.

Some women may experience one-sided pain called ‘mittleschmerz’ during this time. They may also feel a little tenderness in their breasts. Nausea or drowsiness is also common during this time. They will also observe an increase in their frequency to urinate. It will help if the women inform themselves about their family’s health history during this time. Doctors say that knowing one’s family history can help curtail about 75% of complications in the initial stage of pregnancy itself.

The woman should continue to take a healthy time. This is help build up her strength which is imperative for a successful pregnancy.

Weeks 1-4 of Pregnancy

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