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19 Weeks Pregnant

The 19th week of the pregnancy sees the baby go through more changes than its mother. In general, the women will be in good shape at this shape, and would be enjoying her pregnancy. The baby’s muscles become stronger, and it grows in both height and weight. In case of a baby girl, the ovaries have more than six million eggs. The baby also starts to kick around more vigorously now. It also sleeps for approximately 20 hours.

How Your Body Changes

For the women, the 19th week brings along skin that is excessively dry and flaky in nature. Doctors advise taking lot of fluids, especially water to get rid of this problem. Women also tend to sweat a lot during this time, which may give rise to severe heat rashes. Therefore, it is advised that women wear loose-fitting clothes where their body can breathe properly. There may be some cases of fatigue and dizziness. Women may also experience round ligament pain, which may affect the hips, abdomen, and the groin. This however, is a normal symptom for this stage of pregnancy.

Weeks 17-20 of Pregnancy

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Good afternoon

    I had my scan on Friday (18 weeks & 5 days) & the doctor mentioned that there is placenta in front of the baby’s face. He said this is something to monitor going forward as it might pose a risk.

    Please can you advise what could have caused this, what can make it better or prevent it… I am stressing.

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