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18 Weeks Pregnant

The cardiovascular system undergoes major changes in the 18th week of pregnancy, and most women may find their blood pressures to be low. This is a normal occurrence at this stage of the pregnancy. This is also the time when women tend to gain weight. However, it should not become a cause for concern. They are discouraged from trying any weight-loss programs at this stage of their pregnancy.

The baby’s development continues. It starts responding to sounds by kicking in the womb. It will also start hearing sounds made by the body, such as, that of the blood flowing inside the umbilical cord, and the beating of its mother’s heart. The parents too, at this stage, can hear the heartbeat of their baby with the help of s stethoscope. If the child is a girl, then she will start developing her uterus and fallopian tubes by this time.

Apart from the dizziness caused by low blood pressure, there are other symptoms that women have to undergo in their 18th week of pregnancy. For instance, their frequency to urinate will increase. Their breasts will become larger, and the areolas will become even darker. Digestive trouble such as piles and constipation are also normal during this time. Stretch marks may appear in some cases. Women can get rid of these by applying anti-wrinkle creams. There may be some heartburn as well during this time.

Weeks 17-20 of Pregnancy

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  1. Tina Twilleger says:

    Is it okay to run everyday while 19 weeks pregnant? I have been avtive my whole life and I just found out I am pregnant a week ago.

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