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17 Weeks Pregnant

According to gynecologists, by the time of 17th week of pregnancy, the women have got used to the several changes taking place within them. However, this is also the time they become prone to allergies and rashes. While some women feel energetic during this stage of their pregnancy, there are women who feel otherwise. The symptoms vary with each pregnancy. Some women may have low blood pressure because of which they tend to feel dizzy. Doctors recommend small, frequent bites in between meals as a remedy for this.

Your Baby’s Development

The uterus, meanwhile, is growing. It even starts pushing the intestines out on one side of the abdomen. This may result in sciatic nerve pain in some women. The amount of blood being pumped in the body increases, which may cause excessive sweating in some women. They are advised to maintain a hygienic lifestyle so as to avoid all kinds of infections.

As the pregnancy furthers, the baby’s umbilical chord becomes stronger. By this time, the baby’s organs such as its ears move into their final position. They also develop their eyes, but they remain shut. A protective layering referred to as ‘vernix’ starts developing on the baby’s body. Pads start appearing on its fingertips as well as toes. While in the earlier stages, the head used to be larger than the rest of the body, the body becomes more proportionate now.

Weeks 17-20 of Pregnancy

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