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16 Weeks Pregnant

Women experience ‘quickening’ at this stage of their pregnancy. Quickening is the movement of the baby in the womb which can be felt by the mother. Doctors, during the 16th week of pregnancy, recommend antenatal test for the women. These tests will check for any birth defects in the baby. Women above the age of 35, especially those with a history of birth defects, are made to take the ‘amniocentesis’. This test reveals any chromosomal defects or abnormalities.

How Your Body Changes

Women become prone to common ailments such as cold and flu during this time. They are also susceptible to chicken pox and rubella. But apart from this, women in their 16th week of pregnancy generally have a glow on their face. This is a result of the heart pumping more blood, and improved circulation in the body. But they will continue to feel some pain, caused due to the increasing weight and shape of the body. Backaches are a common complaint around this time. Women are now advised to try sleeping on their sides instead of their backs.

Your Baby’s Development

The baby weighs almost 150 grams now. It will be making lot of movement in the womb now. Experts say that by the 16th week of pregnancy, babies are able to grasp, kick around, and even somersault. According to them, this is also the time when the baby starts responding to various kinds of visual stimulation. For instance, in case of high-intensity light, the baby will use its hands to shield its eyes. Using an external monitor, doctors are able to make the parents-to-be hear their unborn child’s heartbeat. While still inside the womb, the baby is able to breathe. Its body also starts developing fat, which acts as an insulation for its body.

Weeks 13-16 of Pregnancy

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