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13 Weeks Pregnant

Week 13 is the end of the first trimester of a pregnancy. At this stage, symptoms such as nausea and fatigue generally subside. The morning sickness will also decline by this time, and the women may see an increase in their appetites. Due to the uterus; increasing size, some women may feel some pain in their abdomen. Also, the ligaments that surround the uterus will also stretch, and this may lead to ‘round ligament pain’. This is likely to occur when women suddenly change their positions. This can be brought under control by changing positions carefully.

Although chances of a miscarriage in the second trimester are slim, some cases may still take place. One reason of miscarriage in the second trimester is ‘incompetent cervix’. Incompetent or weak cervix refers to a cervix opening which is more than 2.5cm. Incompetent cervix causes women to deliver their babies quite early in their pregnancy, when the baby cannot survive. However, women diagnosed with incompetent cervix may seek ‘cerclage’. This is a process where the cervix is stitched. Cerclage is performed usually in the 14th or the 15th week, helps women have a full-term pregnancy.

Your Baby’s Development

Around the 13th week of pregnancy, the baby’s pancreas starts the production of insulin in the body. Hair starts to develop on its eyebrows and upper lip. The baby also passes its first motion at this stage. It is a tar-like substance, black-green in color, and is referred to as ‘meconium’.

Weeks 13-16 of Pregnancy

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