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12 Weeks Pregnant

Week 12 is very close to the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. Near the end of the first trimester, some women may have swollen faces; this is due to water retention in their body. Most women see a decline in symptoms such as nausea and fatigue. Heartburn however, persists even in the 12th week, and may even increase. Taking light, fibrous food at small intervals may bring some relief. The food potions must be small. Women also feel more energetic around this time. In some cases, they may see some pigmentation of the skin as a result of pregnancy. Patches of brown skin may also develop in some women.

This is also the time when a molar pregnancy can be detected. A molar pregnancy occurs due to the abnormal positioning of the placenta. Symptoms of molar pregnancy are spotting and continued morning sickness.

Your Baby’s Development

The baby, by the 12th week, is able to swallow food. Its kidneys produce urine. One of the important developments of this time is that the muscles start responding to the brain signals. This results in movements such as clenching and unclenching of the fists, and bending of its arms by the baby. The features of the face also become more defined.

Weeks 9-12 of Pregnancy

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  1. Mrs Sam says:

    Is it ok to have sex during 4mnth pregnancy?? If i have Sex during pregnancy what will happen to the baby inside the wombwill it be dangerous

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