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10 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby’s Development

The baby, by the time the pregnancy enters its tenth week, has grown enough to weigh almost five grams. Its height also increases. The baby, at this stage, is in the process of developing its taste buds. Its toes get separated from each other. While the external genitals are still developing, a male child’s body starts producing testosterone by this time.

How Your Body Changes

Mothers, on the other hand, continue to experience symptoms such as morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, and constipation. Women tend to become sensitive to smells. Some women develop a craving for, or an aversion to certain types of food. Symptoms in pregnancy vary with the case; therefore, while some women may feel very sleepy, others may experience sleeplessness. Mood swings are also common during this time.

As the pregnancy furthers, a woman’s body will experience even more changes. Therefore, it is important that she take care of her diet. Her daily diet should include vegetables, fruits in good measure. Light exercises would be beneficial. Good mental health is also equally important. Women are advised to do breathing exercises in order to keep stress at bay.

Weeks 9-12 of Pregnancy

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