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1 Week Pregnant

The first day of a woman’s menstrual cycle is considered to be the commencement of week 1 of her pregnancy. Week 1-12 make up the first trimester of a pregnancy. Although this is not the time when conception occurs, the process of ovulation will begin on the 14th day of her menstrual cycle. So, before the woman conceives, she should start planning her health accordingly. It is important that the woman starts taking vitamins and minerals that aid pregnancy. A dose of folic acid is a must. She should also include vegetables and fresh fruit into her diet. Smoking and drinking adversely affect a pregnancy; therefore, the woman should put a stop to these habits completely. Any form of medication should also stop.

Many women start using the pregnancy calendar from the 1st week. It helps the couple understand and keep track of the developments taking inside the woman’s body, and within the fetus. In other words, it is a week-by-week guide to pregnancy. Women can make notes on the calendar such as the day they conceived, right till they deliver their baby. This calendar can even be customized with ultrasound pictures of the fetus.

Medical experts also give a lot of emphasis on the health of the man during this time. According to them, the health and well-being of the man also affects the pregnancy. Men, therefore, are advised to give up on smoking and drinking.

Weeks 1-4 of Pregnancy

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